Mediation & Arbitration

Who We Are

Scott Densem

Scott is the principal of Densem ADR Solutions Inc. (“Densem ADR”). Scott is a lawyer, mediator and arbitrator. He now dedicates his professional time entirely to mediation, and arbitration. Scott has over 37 years of combined experience as a barrister, mediator and arbitrator. Please refer to the “About Densem ADR” tab for more details about Scott’s background, and accomplishments.

Asha Densem

Asha is the alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) coordinator for Densem ADR. She has over 30 years of business experience, especially in the insurance field. Asha has achieved the designations of Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Risk Fellow (RF). Please refer to the “About Densem ADR” tab for more details about Asha’s background, and accomplishments.

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What We Do

Densem ADR offers three types of professional services. Scott provides two types of alternative dispute resolution services – mediation, and arbitration. As a third service, both Scott and Asha conduct educational programs for law firms, insurance companies, government risk management departments, independent claims adjusting companies, or any insurance related business which could benefit from our expertise and experience.

With respect to mediation and arbitration, Scott can provide services for many kinds of litigious and non-litigious disputes. He is a specialist in the area of insurance law. Scott is regarded as one of the pre-eminent mediators and arbitrators of several types of insurance law disputes involving issues of negligence, contract, coverage, statutory accident benefits priority, and loss transfer.

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When and Where We Operate


Densem ADR is prepared to provide professional services for clients at any hour, seven days a week.


Densem ADR is prepared to travel to any location to provide professional services.


Why Choose Us?

The short answer – because we are exceptionally good at what we do. This is not just our opinion. Many successful mediations, and arbitration awards upheld by the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal are objective proof of this fact. In the ADR world however, reliable, subjective references are also obtained “word of mouth”. We believe that if you ask around, the overwhelming consensus of opinion will be that Scott Densem is an excellent choice as mediator or arbitrator.